Hearing Requests for Judge Zive, Judge Spraker or Other Types of Hearings

To request other types of hearings not listed on this page or to request a hearing for Judge Zive or Judge Spraker, visit Request a Hearing Date.

Self-Calendaring Dates

The self-calendaring system allows both counsel and parties to schedule hearing dates for most matters heard on regular notice without having to contact the court to obtain a hearing date.

The following matters are available for self-calendaring:

NOTE: Do not use the self-calendaring system for Involuntary Motions to Lift Stay, instead click here to Request a Hearing Date for other types of hearings.

To look up information on your case (ie. judge, chapter), you may want to log into PACER to find the information.
Users may access individual PACER or Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) for the state of Nevada by logging into the Court PACER website. You may also call the Voice Case Information Systems (VCIS) for case information.

Search for Available Date and Time

You may search for a hearing date based on the judge assigned to the case, chapter and matter type. Upon selection of an available date and time, counsel should serve proper notice of the matter in accordance with Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure and Local Rules.

Verify that you are selecting the correct location for the case, for example case numbers that begin with 1 are for Las Vegas and 5 for Reno, with the exception of some cases assigned pursuant to LR 1015.1.

Please note that Judge Cox holds court in both Reno and Las Vegas. Please be sure to choose the correct location for your case.




Matter Type: