The Rhodes Companies, LLC

Case Information

Case Number: 09-14814 gwz

Assigned to: Judge gREGG w. zIVE

Point of Contact:
Omni Management Group, LLC
Phone: (866) 989-6144

Website: The Rhodes Companies, LLC (external link)

Joint Cases under 09-14814 GWZ

Name Case Number
Heritage Land Company, LLC 09-14778 LBR
Tribes Holdings, LLC. 09-14817 LBR
Apachie Framing, LLC 09-14818 LBR
Geronimo Plumbing, LLC 09-14820 LBR
Gung Ho Concrete, LLC 09-14822 LBR
Bravo, Inc. 09-14825 LBR
Elkhorn Partners 09-14828 LBR
Six Feathers Holding, LLC 09-14833 LBR
Elkhorn Investments, Inc: 09-14837 LBR
Jarupa, LLC 09-14839 LBR
Rhodes Realty, Inc. 09-14841 LBR
C & J Holdings, Inc. 09-14843 LBR
Rhodes Ranch General Partnership 09-14844 LBR
Rhodes Design and Development Corporation 09-14846 LBR
Parcel 20, LLC 09-14848 LBR
Tuscany Acquisitions IV, LLC 09-14849 LBR
Tuscany Acquisitions III, LLC 09-14850 LBR
Tuscany Acquisitions II, LLC 09-14852 LBR
Tuscany Acquisitions, LLC 09-14853 LBR
Rhodes Ranch Golf and Country Club 09-14854 LBR
Overflow, LP 09-14856 LBR
Wallboard, LP 09-14858 LBR
Jackknife, LP 09-14860 LBR
Batcave, LP 09-14861 LBR
Chalkline, LP 09-14862 LBR
Glynda, LP 09-14865 LBR
Tick, LP 09-14866 LBR
Rhodes Arizona Properties, LLC 09-14868 LBR
Rhodes Homes Arizona, LLC 09-14882 LBR
Tuscany Golf Country Club, LLC 09-14884 LBR
Pinnacle Grading, LLC 09-14887 LBR

Proof of Claim

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