Local Rule 7065. INJUNCTIONS

(a) Qualification of surety. Except for bonds secured by cash, negotiable bonds, or notes of the United States as provided for in LR 7065(b), every bond must have as surety:

(1) A corporation authorized by the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States to act as surety on official bonds under 31 U.S.C. §§ 9304 through 9306;

(2) A corporation authorized to act as surety under the laws of the state of Nevada, which must have on file with the clerk a certified copy of its certificate of authority to do business in Nevada, together with a certified copy of the power of attorney appointing the agent authorized to execute the bond;

(3) One or more individuals each of whom owns real or personal property sufficient to justify the full amount of the suretyship; or

(4) Any other security that the court may order.

(b) Deposit of money or United States obligation in lieu of surety. With court approval, there may be deposited with the clerk in lieu of surety:

(1) Lawful money accompanied by an affidavit that identifies its legal owner; or

(2) Negotiable bonds or notes of the United States accompanied by an executed agreement as required by 31 U.S.C. § 9303(a)(3) authorizing the clerk to collect or sell the bonds or notes in the event of default.

(c) Approval. Unless approval of the bond or the individual sureties is endorsed by the opposing counsel or a party appearing in pro se, the party offering the bond must apply to the court for approval. The clerk may approve bonds unless court approval is expressly required by law.

(d) Persons not to act as sureties. No officer of this court, or any member of the Bar of this court, or any nonresident attorney specially admitted to practice before this court, or their office associates or employees may act as surety in this court.

(e) Judgment against sureties. Every surety who provides a bond or other undertaking with the court submits to the jurisdiction of the court regardless of what may otherwise be provided in any security instrument. The surety who provides the bond or other undertaking irrevocably appoints the clerk as agent upon whom any paper affecting liability on the bond may be served. Liability will be joint and several and may be enforced summarily without independent action. Service may be made on the clerk, who will serve a copy as soon as possible to the surety at the last known address.

(f) Further security or justification of personal sureties. At any time, on reasonable notice to all other parties, any party for whose benefit a bond is presented or posted may apply to the court for further or different security or for an order requiring personal sureties to justify.