(a) Reproduction of record on appeal.

(1) In addition to the excerpts of the record required by LR 8009, the district court may require that a copy of pleadings from the bankruptcy court's official case/adversary file, as designated, be transmitted to the district court. The clerk of the bankruptcy court will request copies from the party or parties designating the record on appeal. The copies must be tendered to the clerk in chronological order in conformity with LR 9004(c) within thirty (30) days of the clerk's request or within a shorter time if ordered by the district court. When the clerk receives the copies, the clerk will tender a receipt for all items designated. If any party fails to give the clerk copies of designated items before the deadline, the clerk may make copies at the designating party's expense.

(b) Procedure for requesting preparation of transcript. A transcript order form must be submitted to the clerk and must specify which portions of the designated transcript a particular court reporter or recorder will transcribe. If a court reporter was present, the clerk may arrange for the transcription of the record at the requesting party's expense.