Court Calendars

Hearings noted as "UNOPPOSED" on the calendars are matters for which no timely opposition has been filed. Such matters may be granted in the absence of any opposition.

If documents need to be sent to the court for a next day hearing, the documents should be sent "priority - next day morning delivery." Sending only "priority - next day" may not ensure delivery in time for the hearing.

Most court hearings are being held REMOTELY and NOT in the courtrooms. Carefully read your notice to determine if you need to dial-in or go to the courthouse.

Weekly court calendars for each judge are available below as PDF files.

Adobe Reader is required to view and print portable document format (PDF) forms. Click here to download the free Adobe Reader software.

To obtain the presiding judge information, phone number and access number for the calendar hearing, please open the applicable calendar PDF below. The information is located at the top of the first page.

Note: Online calendars are updated daily. Consequently, the calendars may be modified several times prior to the actual hearing date. Court Calendars are provided as a convenience to the public and the legal community and are subject to change without notice. For questions regarding a calendar hearing, contact the judge's Courtroom Deputy.