Interactive Public Calendar

The Interactive Public Calendar is for informational purposes only and is not the official docket of the court.  Parties should continue to place primary reliance on official notice from the court and information available in the CM/ECF system via PACER.

The interactive public calendar displays 14 days of scheduled court hearings and 30 days of 341 meetings for cases and adversary proceedings filed in the District of Nevada. The calendar allows users to:

  • View court hearing calendars for all Judges or filter by Judge;
  • View 341 calendars for all Trustees or filter by Trustee;
  • Search hearing calendars and 341 calendars by Attorney, Debtor or Case Number;
  • Download calendars for viewing or printing.

The calendar is automatically updated via data from CM/ECF in approximately 10-minute intervals.  The transaction must be completed in CM/ECF and included in an interval update before the change is depicted on the calendar.  As such, the information may not always be a true “real-time” depiction.

The interactive feature allows users to sort and customize the information available for viewing and printing by using search options at the top of each calendar.

Click here for the Interactive Public Calendar User Guide

Note: Online calendars are updated daily. Consequently, the calendars may be modified several times prior to the actual hearing date. Court Calendars are provided as a convenience to the public and the legal community and are subject to change without notice. For questions regarding a calendar hearing, contact the judge's Courtroom Deputy.

If documents need to be sent to the court for a next day hearing, the documents should be sent "priority - next day morning delivery." Sending only "priority - next day" may not ensure delivery in time for the hearing.