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Cases of Public Interest, Mega Cases, Cases with Claims/Noticing Agents and Cases with Omnibus Hearings

Mega cases are single case or set of jointly administered or consolidated cases that involve $100,000,000 or more, 1000 or more creditors or a hold a high degree of public interest. Due to the nature of certain cases, a bankruptcy judge may determine to manage the cases with Ominbus hearings.The current mega cases and designated cases for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Nevada are listed below. Cases may contain information on other joint cases, proof of claim, telephonic appearances and omnibus hearing dates and times. Click a company/case name link from the list below to access mega case information and omnibus hearing dates and times.

Company Case Number Judge
Alessi & Koenig LLC BK- 16-16593-ABL Chief Judge August B. Landis
Asset Resolution, LLC BK- 09-32824-RCJ Judge Robert C. Jones*
Aruze Gaming America, Inc. BK- 23-10356-ABL Chief Judge August B. Landis
Cash Cloud, Inc. BK- 23-10423-MKN Judge Mike K. Nakagawa
Front Sight Management LLC BK-22-11824-ABL Chief Judge August B. Landis
John A. Ritter BK-16-10933-ABL Chief Judge August B. Landis
Rawhide Mining LLC BK- 24-50005-HLB Judge Hilary L. Barnes

*Document number 346 on BK-09-32824 - Order reassigns all cases (bankruptcy and adversary) to Honorable Judge Robert C. Jones, U.S. District Court, District of Nevada.