Local Rules

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U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Nevada

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U.S. District Court, District of Nevada

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The Local rules below are IN EFFECT as of January 1, 2021.

Local Rules
Rule Number Rule Name
Rule 1001 Title and Scope of Rules
Rule 1002 Petition – General
Rule 1003 Joinder of Petitioners in Involuntary Case
Rule 1005 Petition – Caption
Rule 1006 Payment of Filing Fee in Installments; Denial of Petition Under 28 U.S.C. § 1930(f)
Rule 1007 Lists, Schedules, and Statements; Mailing List
Rule 1009 Amendment of Petition
Rule 1013 Hearing and Disposition of Petition in Involuntary Case
Rule 1015 Related Cases; Consolidation or Joint Administration
Rule 1016 Notification of Death or Incompetency
Rule 1017 Chapter 13 Dismissals or Conversions
Rule 1070 Jurisdiction
Rule 1071 Divisions – Bankruptcy Court
Rule 2002 Notices to Creditors and Other Interested Parties
Rule 2003 Meetings of Creditors and Equity Security Holders
Rule 2004 Examinations
Rule 2010 Trustees' Bonds
Rule 2014 Attorney of Record
Rule 2015 Required Payments to Government Entities
Rule 2015.3 Reports of Financial Information on Entities in Which a Chapter 11 Estate Holds a Controlling or Substantial Interest; Use of Official Form Required; Effect of Failure to Timely File
Rule 2015.4 Periodic Reporting Requirements in Chapter 11 Cases Other Than Small Business Cases and Subchapter V Cases
Rule 2016 Compensation of Professionals
Rule 2016.1 Reimbursement of Filing Fees Paid by Chapter 7 Panel Trustees
Rule 2016.2 Compensation for Chapter 13 Debtor's Attorneys
Rule 3001 Claims and Equity Security Interests – General
Rule 3002 Filing a Proof of Claim or Interest
Rule 3002.1 Notices Relating to Claims Secured by Security Interests in the Debtor's Principal Residence
Rule 3003 Filing Proof of Claim in Chapter 11 Reorganization Case
Rule 3007 Claims – Objections
Rule 3007.1 Objection to Claims in Chapter 11 Cases
Rule 3011 Unclaimed Funds
Rule 3011.1 Disposition of Unclaimed Funds
Rule 3012 Valuation of Security in Chapter 13 Cases
Rule 3015 Chapter 13 Plan and Confirmation
Rule 3015.1 Chapter 13 Mortgage Modification Program
Rule 3015.2 Destruction of Orders Confirming, Amending, or Modifying Chapter 13 Plans
Rule 3016 Filing of Chapter 11 Plan; Hearing
Rule 3017 Expedited Confirmation Procedures; Conditional Approval of Disclosure Statements
Rule 3018 Ballots – Voting on Chapter 11 Plan
Rule 3019 Modifications to Disclosure Statement and Chapter 11 Plan
Rule 3019.1 Modifications of Accepted Plan After Confirmation in a Chapter 11 Case Involving an Individual Debtor
Rule 3020 Chapter 11 – Confirmation
Rule 3021 Chapter 13 Trustee's Notice of Proposed Distribution
Rule 3022 Chapter 11 Final Decree in Non-Individual Cases
Rule 3022.1 Chapter 11 Individual Discharges
Rule 3022.2 Individual Subchapter V of Chapter 11 Discharges
Rule 4001 Relief from the Automatic Stay; Use of Cash Collateral or Other Relief; and Emergency Orders
Rule 4002 Duties of Chapter 13 Debtors Before Completing Their Plan
Rule 4002.1 Fraudulent Statements
Rule 4003 Exemptions
Rule 4007 Chapter 13 Discharge and Chapter 13 Closing Case
Rule 4009 Creditor's Designation for Receiving Notice
Rule 5001 Clerk's Office Location and Hours
Rule 5003 Court Records
Rule 5004 Disqualification: Disclosure of Interested Parties or Affiliates
Rule 5005 Electronic Filing, Service, and Transmittal of Papers
Rule 5007 Record of Proceedings and Transcripts
Rule 5009 Order Declaring Lien Satisfied in Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 Cases
Rule 5010 Reopening Cases
Rule 5011 Withdrawal of the Reference
Rule 5075 Clerk – Delegated Functions
Rule 6004 Sale Motions in Chapter 11 Cases
Rule 6006 Individual Debtor's Ability to Assume a Personal Property Lease After Rejection
Rule 7003 Cover Sheet for Adversary Complaints
Rule 7005 Certificate of Service (Adversary Proceedings)
Rule 7007.1 Corporate Ownership Statement
Rule 7008 Pleading Consent to Entry of Final Order or Judgment
Rule 7010 General Requirements of Form
Rule 7012 Responsive Pleading Consent to Entry of Final Order or Judgment
Rule 7015 Amended and Supplemental Pleadings
Rule 7016 Pretrial Procedures
Rule 7026 Discovery – General
Rule 7030 Depositions Upon Oral Examination
Rule 7031 Depositions Upon Written Questions
Rule 7032 Use of Depositions in Adversary Proceedings and Contested Matters
Rule 7033 Interrogatories to Parties
Rule 7034 Production or Inspection of Documents and Things
Rule 7035 Allegations of Mental and Physical Condition
Rule 7036 Requests for Admission
Rule 7037 Discovery Motions
Rule 7041 Dismissal for Lack of Prosecution
Rule 7054 Costs – Taxation / Payment
Rule 7055 Defaults and Default Judgments
Rule 7056 Summary Judgment
Rule 7064 Service of Process
Rule 7067 Registry Funds
Rule 8001 Authorization to Have Appeals Heard by Bankruptcy Appellate Panel
Rule 8011 Briefs and Appendix
Rule 8018 Local Rules of Circuit, Judicial Council, or District Court
Rule 9004 Form and Retention Requirements
Rule 9006 Orders Shortening Time
Rule 9009 Local Forms
Rule 9010 Representation and Appearances
Rule 9014 Motion Practice in Adversary Proceedings and Contested Matters – Briefs and Memoranda of Law
Rule 9014.1 Negative Notice Procedure
Rule 9014.2 Contested Matters – Consent to Entry of Final Order or Judgment
Rule 9015 Jury Trials
Rule 9016 Service of Subpoena
Rule 9017 Use of Alternate Direct Testimony and Exhibits at Trials and Evidentiary Hearings
Rule 9018 Procedures for the Sealed Filing of Highly Sensitive Documents and/or Secret, Confidential, Scandalous, or Defamatory Matter
Rule 9019 Settlements and Agreed Orders; Alternative Dispute Resolution
Rule 9021 Entry of Judgments and Orders
Rule 9022 Notice of Judgment or Order
Rule 9027 Removal, Statement Regarding Consent to Entry of Orders or Judgment
Rule 9033 Review of Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
Rule 9036 Service on Debtors who Request Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (DEBN)
Rule 9037 Privacy – Redactions