(a) Form and Content. Each proof of claim must be completed and filed with the court using the most current Official Form. Each proof of interest must be filed using the local form available on the court’s website.

(b) Transferred Claims.

(1) Each proof of claim for a transferred claim must state on the face of the claim form, immediately adjacent to the bankruptcy case number, that the claim has been "transferred other than for security" or that the claim has been "transferred for security," whichever applies.

(2) The transferee of a transferred claim must prepare and provide to the clerk, the notice that is required to be sent by Fed. R. Bankr. P. 3001(e)(2), 3001(e)(3), or 3001(e)(4).

(c) Jointly administered cases. In cases that are jointly administered, but not substantively consolidated, claims must be filed only in the case to which a claim relates, and such filing does not constitute the filing of a claim in any other jointly administered case.

(d) Substantively consolidated cases. In cases that have been substantively consolidated, all claims must be filed only in the lead case, and the claims register will be maintained in the lead case.