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You must file a Change of Address form if your mailing address has changed.

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Closed Case?

Visit Closed Case Files to learn how to obtain copies of closed bankruptcy case files from 2002 and earlier.

Debtors with Las Vegas Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings may qualify to participate in the Mortgage Modification Mediation program.


Corporations and partnerships must have an attorney represent them in a bankruptcy case. Individuals, however, may represent themselves in bankruptcy court. While individuals can file a bankruptcy case without an attorney, or “pro se,” it is extremely difficult to do so successfully.

Bankruptcy has long term financial and legal consequences, and hiring a competent attorney is strongly recommended.
Debtors must list all property and debts in their bankruptcy schedules. If a debt is not listed, it is possible the debt will not be discharged. A list of the documents the debtor must file are set out on Form 2000, one of the Official Bankruptcy Forms created by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. The judge can also deny the discharge of all debts if a debtor does something dishonest in connection with the bankruptcy case, such as destroying or hiding property, falsifying records, or lying. Individual bankruptcy cases are randomly audited to determine the accuracy, truthfulness, and completeness of the information that the debtor is required to provide.

You are a Debtor if...

  • You are a person or institution who owes money to a creditor.
  • You cannot repay the money owed by the time it is due and are filing for bankruptcy.

Getting Started

  • Bankruptcy Basics
    Obtain an overview of bankruptcy and the different chapters.
  • Before You File
    Important items to take into consideration and do before filing for bankruptcy.

Filing Without an Attorney?


Rules & Forms

If you are unsure of what forms to use, see Filing Requirements for your bankruptcy type.

Original signatures are required by parties representing themselves unless otherwise indicated on this page.

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