Attorney CM/ECF User Guide

The links below contain screenshots and/or instructions to help you file electronically using the CM/ECF system.

= Portable Document Format (PDF) file

= Web page

= Video


Case Flags


Bankruptcy Cases

Designation of Local Counsel in Bankruptcy Case

Open a Voluntary Petition Manually

Verified Petition in Bankruptcy Case


Designation of Local Counsel in Adversary

Verified Petition in Adversary

Applications, Motions and Notices

Application for Compensation for Trustee, filed by an Attorney

Application for Compensation for Attorney, filed by an Attorney

Negative Notice Procedure

Negative Notice Sample Forms


Guidelines for a Claims Agent

Document Preparation

Case Caption Requirements NEW

Proper PDF Document Preparation NEW

Installment Payments

Pay for Installments in CM/ECF (7, 11, 13) NEW


Docketing Schedules Procedure

Electronic Order Procedures

How to Access the Order Query Report

Request for Electronically Certified Copy


Redact Personal Identifiers from a Previously Filed Document other than a Transcript

Redaction Requests (Transcripts Only)