Redact Personal Identifiers from a Previously Filed Document other than a Transcript

Last updated: December 29, 2020

The information below pertains to redaction requests for previously filed documents other than transcripts. For redacting personal identifiers from a Transcript, please see Redaction Requests.


How to Redact a previously filed document other than a Transcript, for personal identifiers:

Per Rule 9037, personal identifiers is defined as:

  • SSN or Taxpayer ID (last four (4) digits only)
  • Minor’s names (initials only)
  • Dates of birth (year of birth only)
  • Financial account numbers (last four (4) digits only)


Contents of the Notice of Redaction and Attachments:

  • Prepare a Notice following the Local Rules for case caption.
  • Identify what needs to be redacted.
  • State the docket number or proof of claim number (as applicable) of the previously filed unredacted document and;
  • As an attachment, include a redacted version of the document or proof of claim. Except for the redactions, this redacted version must otherwise be identical to the previously filed unredacted document or proof of claim.
  • File it under Bankruptcy/Adversary > Notice of Redaction (or mail in, originally signed Notice of Redaction, if not an e-filer).