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Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing

The National Creditor Registration Service (NCRS) is a free service provided by the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts to give creditors options to specify a preferred U.S. mail, e-mail address, or fax number to which bankruptcy notices should be sent. The National Creditor Registration Service website is primarily for creditors wishing to submit a preferred address or EBN (Electronic Bankruptcy Notice) agreement for noticing.

Register for Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing

  1. To register to receive all bankruptcy notices at a single address

    Register for Preferred Address Registration (external link)

  2. To determine if a creditor has a preferred address on a case which has already been filed

    You must login to the Court's CM/ECF website. Access to this system requires a login name, password and the case number associated with the creditor. General creditor preferred address inquiries which are not specific to a case may not be checked.

    1. Go to the Case Management / Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) website (external link)
    2. Once logged in to CM/ECF, choose the Utilities option from the blue menu bar to locate preferred addresses.
    3. Next, click on Mailings and subsequently click on Mailing Labels by Case.
    4. Enter the case number and, with the "Select All Participants for Case" box checked, click Next. The mailing matrix will display.

    If the creditor has a preferred address, it will be denoted with a plus symbol (+). In some instances, the creditor may also be listed with an additional address and two plus symbols (++) next to the name. This indicates the creditor, in addition to submitting a preferred address to the BNC, has submitted to the Bankruptcy Court an "Override of Preferred Address" whereby a local office of the creditor continues to receive notice.