Redaction Requests (Transcripts only)

The information below pertains to redaction requests for transcripts only. For redacting personal identifiers for a previously filed document other than a Transcript, please see the procedure, Redact Personal Identifiers from a Previously Filed Document other than a Transcript.

When a transcript is docketed by the transcript company, parties in the case will have twenty-one (21) calendar days from the time the transcript was filed to review the transcript and file a Request for Redaction with the court. The request must be filed with the court and forwarded to the transcriber. This form should indicate the following:

  • Where the personal identifiers appear in the transcript by page and line
  • How they are to be redacted
  • a copy must also be submitted to the transcript company

Per Rule 9037(a), personal information is defined as:

  • SSN or Taxpayer ID (only last four (4) digits allowed)
  • Minor’s names (only initials allowed)
  • Dates of birth (only year of birth allowed)
  • Financial Account Numbers (Only last four (4) digits allowed)

Any other redactions must be made by separate motion.

If redactions are made, the transcriber will file a redacted transcript with the court. A redacted transcript must be filed within thirty-one (31) days of the transcript file date and will be restricted for the same ninety (90) days as the original transcript.

At the expiration of the ninety (90) days, if there are no redactions, the restriction will be removed on the original transcript. If a redacted transcript is filed, the restriction for electronic access will be lifted on the redacted transcript only.

Requests for Additional Redactions

During this time period, a party can, by motion, request that additional information be redacted. This time may be extended, for good cause shown. All motions for extension should be filed before expiration of the deadline for which the extension is sought.

For additional information about redactions and access, please review the Transcript Policy.