(a) Certificate of service. A proof of service, in conformity with the court's certificate of service form, must be filed within seven (7) days for all papers and pleadings required or permitted to be served. The proof must show the date of service, the name of the person served, and the manner of service (e.g., electronically or by mail). Proof of service is deemed sufficient if it substantially complies with the court's certificate of service form, which is available on the court's website.

(b) Failure to file a proof of service.The court may refuse to take action on any papers or pleadings until a proof of service is filed. If an affidavit or certificate of service is attached to the original pleading, it must be attached so that the character of the pleading is easily discernible. Failure to file the proof of service does not affect the validity of the service, and the court may at any time allow the proof of service to be amended or supplied unless it clearly appears that doing so would result in material prejudice to the substantial rights of any party.