(a) Motion to file under seal. No paper will be filed under seal without first obtaining approval of the court. If a filing under seal is requested, a motion (but not the documents themselves) must be filed electronically, unless prohibited by law or unless the filing is exempt or excepted from the requirement of electronic filing. If the motion itself contains confidential information, the movant must serve and file a redacted version clearly marked as such, and submit an unredacted version in camera. The movant must deliver paper copies of the documents proposed to be filed under seal to the assigned judge, and designate it as such, for in camera review.

(b) Order. The court will review the in camera submission and enter an appropriate order directing that all or part of it be filed under seal, be made part of the official public file, or be permitted to be withdrawn. If the court orders the document sealed, the moving party must submit an order in compliance to LR 9021, which will be docketed by the clerk. The court order authorizing filing documents under seal will be filed electronically, unless prohibited by law.

(c) Form. If the court grants the motion, in whole or in part, the movant must deliver to the clerk of the court a paper copy of the documents to be filed under seal. Papers submitted for the court's in camera inspection must be accompanied by a captioned cover sheet complying with LR 9004, indicating that they are being submitted in camera. Attorneys must provide to the court an envelope large enough for the in camera papers to be sealed without being folded. A copy of the sealing order on paper must be attached to the sealed documents.

(d) Filing sealed documents. Unless the court orders otherwise, the clerk will file any documents ordered to be filed under seal on paper and not electronically.

(e) Retention of sealed documents. The clerk shall destroy the sealed documents upon closing of the case, unless the party that filed the document(s) obtains a court order for its return or obtains a court order that the court retain the sealed documents after the case is closed.