(a) Filing of ballot summary. Unless otherwise ordered, the proponent of a chapter 11 plan must:

(1) File a Certification of Acceptance and Rejection of Chapter 11 Plan (ballot summary) no later than one (1) business day before the hearing on plan confirmation. The ballot summary must be signed by the plan proponent and must certify to the court the amount and number of allowed claims of each class accepting or rejecting the plan and the amount of allowed interests of each class accepting or rejecting the plan; and,

(2) Have all of the original ballots available at the hearing for inspection and review by the court and any interested party.

(b) Submission of ballots. Unless otherwise ordered by the court, all original ballots will be delivered to the plan proponent. Any original ballots received by the clerk will be forwarded to the plan proponent, unless otherwise ordered by the court.

(c) Amended ballot summary. In addition to the above requirements, the court may order an amended ballot summary to be filed, with the original ballots attached.

(d) Duty of Plan Proponent. The Plan Proponent must:

(1) Tabulate the ballots of those accepting and rejecting the plan; and

(2) Maintain those original ballots for a period of not less than the time required for the retention of originally signed documents in the electronic filing procedures described in LR 9004. In the event that the bankruptcy case is dismissed without confirmation, the Plan Proponent is not required to maintain the original ballots for the time periods specified in this rule.