(a) Designation. Any party intending to offer deposition testimony or other transcribed designation statements made under oath (such as at a 341 meeting of creditors or at a Fed. R. Bankr. P. 2004 examination) must prepare a designation statement clearly identifying the name of the deponent or person otherwise examined, the date of the deposition or other type of examination taken under oath, and the specific portions of the deposition or transcribed statement, by page and line numbers, that will be offered as evidence. The party also must include as an exhibit a copy of the entire transcribed record.

(b) Exchange of statements and objections. Unless the court orders otherwise, copies of all statements and objections must be furnished to opposing counsel or the opposing party and lodged with the court. Cross reference is made to the procedural rules for filing oppositions, replies and other responses, and to LR 9017.

(1) The plaintiff or movant must submit all statements to opposing counsel or the opposing party at least fourteen (14) days before the trial or the hearing on the contested matter, with the opposition to the contested matter.

(2) The defendant or respondent must submit all statements or objections to opposing counsel with a reply served in accordance with LR 9014.

(3) Unless otherwise ordered by the court, two (2) business days before trial or the hearing, each party must lodge with the courtroom deputy clerk for the judge to whom the matter is assigned one (1) copy of all statements intended to be offered as evidence by that party, and an original and one (1) copy of that party's written objections to the admission of any deposition testimony or transcribed statement taken under oath of an opposing party.