Local Rule 2010. TRUSTEES' BONDS

(a) Blanket bond coverage. Trustees covered by the blanket bond applicable to the United States Trustee Region 17 and the District of Nevada must pro rate the cost of the annual bond premium for those asset estates having assets held by the trustee at the time the bond premium is due and must pay the pro rata share from each estate.

(b) Increase in bond premium. If the amount of the bond required in an individual case results in an increase in the bond premium for that case, the trustee must pay the increased premium from the assets of that case.

(c) Payment of bond premiums. The trustee must pay all bond premiums on or before the due date.

(d) Maintenance of original bonds. An original bond must be filed with the court and a duplicate original bond must be submitted to the United States Trustee.

(e) Bank fees and technology fees. Trustees administering cases may incur and pay on an ongoing basis any bank service fee, technology fee and any other fee associated with bank accounts as contemplated by 11 U.S.C. § 330(a)(1)(B). The court shall retain authority to review and approve such expenses in the context of the trustee’s request to approve their Final Report and/or by further motion by a trustee or other interested party.