After the claims bar dates have passed and all claims have been reviewed by the chapter 13 trustee, the trustee may file and serve a notice of chapter 13 trustee's proposed distribution. The notice must list all claims as reflected on the court's claims docket and describe how each claim will be treated. The notice must be served on the debtor(s) and all creditors listed in the case, whether or not the creditor has filed a claim. The proposed distribution will advise creditors to review the notice to ensure that the proposed distribution is accurate and that claims are properly listed. Should a claim be missing or inaccurate, the creditor is required to file a written objection to the proposed distribution with the court within twenty-one (21) days of the date of the notice and serve it on the chapter 13 trustee. If the creditor fails to timely file an objection, the creditor will be deemed to have accepted the trustee's proposed treatment of the claim. If a timely objection is filed, the trustee will take no further action until the objection is resolved by the court after a hearing. Within twenty-one (21) days of the filing of the objection, the creditor must schedule a hearing on the objection, and provide a minimum of twenty-one (21) days’ notice of the hearing. If a hearing on the objection is not noticed timely, the objection, unless otherwise ordered by the court, will be deemed withdrawn, and the chapter 13 trustee will proceed to administer the confirmed, or modified plan, and filed claims as set forth in the notice of proposed distribution.