Asset Resolution, LLC

Case Information

Lead Case Number: BK- 09-32824 rcj

Assigned to: Judge Robert C. Jones*
(Document number 346 on BK-S-09-32824 - Order reassigns all cases (bankruptcy and adversary) to Honorable Judge Robert C. Jones, U.S. District Court, District of Nevada.)

Point of Contact:
Trustee, William A. Leonard
Phone (702) 262-9322

Joint Cases under BK- 09-32824 rcj

Asset Resolution Order

Name Case Number
(Lead Case) Asset Resolution LLC 09-32824 RCJ
Bundy 2.5 Million SPE, LLC 09-32831 RCJ
Bundy Five Million SPE, LLC 09-32839 RCJ
CFP Anchor B SPE, LLC 09-32843 RCJ
CFP Cornman Toltec SPE, LLC 09-32844 RCJ
CFP Gess SPE, LLC 09-32846 RCJ
CFP Gramercy SPE, LLC 09-32849 RCJ
Fiesta Stoneridge, LLC 09-32851 RCJ
Fox Hills SPE, LLC 09-32853 RCJ
HFAH Monaco SPE, LLC 09-32868 RCJ
Huntsville SPE, LLC 09-32873 RCJ
Lake Helen Partners SPE, LLC 09-32875 RCJ
Ocean Atlantic SPE, LLC 09-32878 RCJ
Shamrock SPE, LLC 09-32880 RCJ
10-90 SPE, LLC 09-32882 RCJ
Asset Resolution LLC v. 1823 Corporation et al Adversary 09-01410 RCJ

Proof of Claim

A Proof of Claim is a written statement and verifying documentation filed by a creditor that describes the reason the debtor owes the creditor money. Proof(s) of claim are to be filed in the bankruptcy case or bankruptcy case(s) against whom the claim is held. The order for joint administration entered in the Asset Resolution case does not change the requirements for filing of a Proof of Claim in each bankruptcy case where a claim is held.

Proof of Claim form

Guidelines for a Claims and Noticing Agent

Omnibus Hearing Dates

The filing party is required to contact the Courtroom Deputy, at (775) 686-5833 or via e-mail lesa_ettinger [at] nvb [dot] uscourts [dot] gov, to confirm the availability of the preferred hearing date prior to giving notice. Failure to confirm the date with the Courtroom Deputy before noticing may result in the party having to renotice the hearing.

All hearings are to be noticed to the Lloyd D. George U.S. District Courthouse, 333 Las Vegas Blvd. S. , Las Vegas, NV 89101. The assigned courtroom will be posted in the Lloyd D. George U.S. District Courthouse.

Requests for transcripts of hearings need to be done with U.S. District Court.

There are no Omnibus Hearing Dates scheduled at this time.

Request for Telephonic Appearance

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Docket Sheets/Documents

To obtain docket sheets or documents, log in to PACER (external link). For more information, you may also call the Voice Case Information System (VCIS) at (866) 222-8029.