Posted: February 29, 2012

New Opinions Available

The following new opinions have been added to the Judges' Opinions page.

Case No. Type Case Name Judge File Date
11-01284-BAM ADV Lattin et al v. Midland Mortgage Co. Markell 12/16/2011
09-01402-MKN ADV Herzog. v. Zyen, LLC et al Nakagawa 10/28/2011
11-16383-BAM BK Jessie Lynne Smith Markell 10/28/2011
05-28163-BAM BK Carolyn Mary Schivo Markell 10/13/2011
09-31131-BAM BK Hotels Nevada, LLC Markell 10/13/2011
07-01174-BAM ADV Howard v. Sandoval Markell 12/22/2010
10-22646-MKN BK Emilio and Elizabeth Staromana Markell 08/31/2010