Posted: August 22, 2018

Excess Proceeds - Interpleader adversary proceeding, 17-1210-abl (ALESSI & KOENIG, LLC)

An order has been signed to allow claims to the Excess Proceeds held in the court registry in this interpleader adversary proceeding, #17-1210-abl. In order to file a claim, you must go to the court website,, to obtain the Official Form B 410, Proof of Claim, and file with the court in the adversary proceeding listed above.

If electronically filing, you must use the event, Notice of Claim to Interpleader Funds which can be found under Adversary > Notices. Box 7 of the official form must reflect only the amount of the excess proceeds the filer claims an interest in. Please review the order on docket (doc# 271) for further information and deadlines. Please do not file any claims on the main bankruptcy case. Claims to the excess proceeds filed in the debtors' main bankruptcy case WILL NOT be considered properly or timely filed in this adversary proceeding.