Posted: November 1, 2019

New Unpublished Opinions Available

The following opinions from Judge Mike K. Nakagawa have been added to the Judges' Opinions page under Unpublished Opinions.

Date Case Information and Summary
10/17/2019 Jorge A. Acosta and Beatriz Fonseca, 17-15347-mkn
Order on Trustee's Objection to Exemption and/or Motion to Extend Time to Object to Exemption under Bankruptcy Rule 4003
10/17/2019 Richard A. Reed v. Seterus, Inc., 19-01049-mkn
Order Denying Motion to Stay Case Pending Interlocutory Appeal
10/10/2019 Ram International Management, LLC v. Richard L. Watt, 19-01010-mkn
Order Regarding Ex-Parte Motion for Issuance of Alias Summons and Enlargement of Time to Serve
10/05/2019 David Lee Meldrum and Mary Colleen Meldrum, 19-14084-mkn
Order Denying Renewed Motion to Conditionally Approve Disclosure Statement
10/03/2019 Ralph Steven Lewis, 15-15696-mkn
Order Regarding Motion to Dismiss or Convert for Lack of Eligibility under 11 U.S.C. 109(e) and Cause under 11 USC § 1307(c) [sic]
09/30/2019 Michael G. York v. Araksi Bekhloyan, 19-01007-mkn
Order on Amended Motion to Dismiss and for an Award of Attorney's Fees and Costs
09/16/2019 Victor A. Soriano and Maribel E. Soriano, 19-13714-mkn
Order on U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as Trustee for LSF8 Master Participation Trust's Motion for Relief from Automatic Stay (In Rem)