Posted: April 21, 2021

New Unpublished Opinion Available

The following opinion from Judge Mike K. Nakagawa has been added to the Judges' Opinions page under Unpublished Opinions.

Date Case Information and Summary
3/17/2021 Islet Sciences, Inc., 19-13366-mkn
Order on Motion for the Entry of an Order: (i) Approving the Disclosure Statement; (ii) Approving the Form of Ballots and Proposed Solicitation and Tabulation Procedures; (iii) Fixing the Voting Deadline with Respect to the Debtor's Chapter 11 Plan; (iv) Prescribing the Form and Manner of Notice Thereof; (v) Fixing the Last Date for Filing Objections to the Chapter 11 Plan; (vi) Scheduling a Hearing to Consider Confirmation of the Chapter 11 Plan; and (vii) Appointing Schwartz Law, PLLC as Solicitation and Tabulation Agent