Getting Started with RSS Feeds

RSS Overview

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a web feed format used to distribute content that is updated frequently such as newsletters and announcements. The feeds contain headlines and summaries which link back to the full-text article on our website.

What do I need?

To begin subscribing to any of the feeds offered on this site, you will need an RSS Reader. An RSS Reader receives RSS notices you are subscribed to. A variety of free and paid RSS readers are available from the Internet and can be either web-based (such as Internet Explorer, Google or Yahoo readers) or downloaded as a small software program to your desktop.

How does the RSS Reader notify me of new announcements?

Whenever our site has new content, your reader receives a notice from our site. All of these notices are displayed in an inbox in your RSS reader. You may then select any of the notices if you'd like to read more information about the announcement.

I have my reader, how do I start subscribing?

The steps below outline the most common way to begin subscribing to an RSS feed, but it may vary depending on the RSS reader you have installed. Should you have any problems, be sure to review your reader's user documentation to learn how to subscribe.

  1. Click on the text link or the RSS reader icon RSS Icon grapihc for the feed you want.
  2. You should now see a page displaying a list of topics and dates along with a box at the top with information aobut the feed and the words, "Subscribe to this feed."
  3. Copy the URL that appears in the Address bar of your browser.
  4. Paste the copied URL (Ctrl+v) into the 'Add New Channel' section of the reader.

This should be all that is necessary to begin subscribing. If you have installed the reader on your desktop, the feeds should be delivered directly to you. If you are using a web-based reader, the feeds will be updated automatically online. The RSS feed will start to display and regularly update the headlines for you.