CM/ECF Audio Files

CM/ECF Release 3.4

In CM/ECF, audio files of hearings and matters designated by the judges will be available on the docket. When the docket entry is created by the court for a selected hearing, a speaker icon will display on the docket report indicating that embedded audio content (in MP3 format) is available.

To listen to an audio file of a hearing:

  1. Click the document number to display the PDF file:

    Document Number View of the Docket with Audio File Link
    Figure 1
  2. Click the attachment icon (paper clip) at the lower, far left corner of the window to play the audio file with the audio player that is available on your PC (such as Windows Media Player).

Screenshot of PDF file with paper clip icon
Figure 2

Fee: PACER charges $2.40 for each access to a PDF document with an embedded audio file.