Upload an Order - No Motion Filed

This is to be used when no motion is filed and requires no relating.

  1. For Order type, select from the following:
    • Clerk Delegated Orders
    • Default Judgment
    • Ex Parte
    • Exceptional Circumstances
    • Hearing Held
    • Hearing Set - unopposed
    • Noticed - no hearing requested
    • Order Shortening Time
    • Status / Scheduling Conference Order
    • Stipulation
  2. Order Description
    • Conditional Order of Dismissal
    • Scheduling Settlement Conference
    • Status / Scheduling Conference Order
    • Stipulated/Agreed Order to Extend the Discharge Date
    • Stipulation - no motion filed
  3. Hearing Date - Enter date if this order is a result of a hearing or if a hearing was set on the matter. (Note: Orders cannot be submitted for hearing dates in the future.)
  4. Enter Case Number.
  5. File to Upload - Browse for the PDF file of your order.
  6. A confirmation screen will appear confirming the upload.
  7. You will receive your signed order via e-mail when docketed.