Upload a Single Order

  1. Enter Case Number.
  2. Enter Related Document Number, if known (this is the document number of the motion to which the order relates). If you do not know the document number, select “Next” and choose the category(s) to which the order relates.
    Note: only one document can be selected
  3. For Order type, select from the following:
    • Clerk Delegated Orders
    • Default Judgment
    • Ex Parte
    • Exceptional Circumstances
    • Hearing Held
    • Hearing Set - unopposed
    • Noticed - no hearing requested
    • Order Shortening Time
    • Status / Scheduling Conference Order
    • Stipulation
  4. Hearing Date - Enter date if this order is a result of a hearing or if a hearing was set on the matter. (Note: Orders cannot be submitted for hearing dates in the future.)
  5. File to Upload - Browse for the PDF file of your order.
  6. A confirmation screen will appear confirming the upload.
  7. You will receive your signed order via e-mail when docketed.