Proper PDF Document Preparation

Multiple problems accessing docketed PDFs have been reported where the PDFs are not printing or they are generating errors when opened from the docket. The issues stem from the document not being properly flattened (print to PDF) prior to uploading into CM/ECF. The entire PDF document must be flattened (see instructions below) PRIOR to filing it in CM/ECF.

To alleviate the problems with the PDFs, do not use Save or Save As from the File menu when saving the PDF. Instead, you must flatten (print to PDF) the PDF. This will ensure all parts of the PDF have been flattened and will help to avoid problems opening/printing PDFs from the docket.

Please follow the process below to flatten (print to PDF) a document PRIOR to filing it with the court.

Flatten (Print to PDF) Instructions

  1. Ensure your document is complete. Open the document in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Select File from the application menu bar.
  3. Select Print.
  4. Change your printer to Adobe PDF. Click Print.
  5. A Save PDF File As box will appear on your screen. If necessary, change the location the PDF file will be saved to, name your file, then click Save.
  6. You may now file the flattened PDF document in CM/ECF.

NOTE: The PDF file size limit is 35 MB. If you attempt to upload a document that exceeds the file size limitation, your filing may be rejected.

NOTE: If you are using Nuance, it contains a flatten file feature which can be found by selecting Advanced Processing > Flatten File.