Online Training Instructions

  1. Using the outline, review all required training modules.
    1. The module is set to automatically advance to the next slide.
    2. You may use the playback controls at the bottom of the screen to pause, forward, rewind, or return to the beginning of the module.
    3. The module will automatically end and return you to the web page with the list of all of the modules.
  2. Upon completion of the online training modules, access the CM/ECF training page of the District of Nevada’s web site and complete the applicable registration form.
    1. CM/ECF Attorney Registration Form – required by all attorneys seeking a login.
    2. Filing Agent’s Statement of Responsibility Form – required for staff of attorneys given permission to file with the staff’s own login. (This form is included in the CM/ECF Attorney Registration Form above.)
    3. CM/ECF Limited Creditor Registration Form – required for attorneys, or e-filing entities’ employees which need only a limited access. Limited Creditor Registration does NOT require training.
  3. The originally signed registration forms must be mailed to the correct address listed on the last page of the form.
    1. When the form is received, it will be processed in due course.
    2. An email will be sent directly to the attorney or party listed on the form.   This email will contain the user’s login and password.