Online Payments

Payment of court fees (filing fees and installment payments, copies, audio recordings of hearings, etc.) may be paid online via debit card, PayPal, or ACH (electronic payment from a bank account). If the ACH option is used, please pay close attention to your account information. If we receive a returned item, you will be charged a $53.00 returned item fee.

Click here for Online Payment Instructions. The Online Payment Form cannot be used for payments generated within CM/ECF or Chapter 13 plan payments to the trustee. The Online Payment Form can be used to pay for selected fees that, until now, have been paid by mail, drop box, or at the intake counter.

If you do not know the amount of the fee due or require additional information to make your payment, please contact the Clerk’s Office at  866-232-1266 to verify the fee amount. 

Click here to make an online payment.