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Hearing & Translation Assistance

Headsets (infrared)

Wireless headsets (Infrared) are available upon request from the Courtroom Deputy and provide assistance to the hearing impaired. The devices may also be used by parties utilizing translator services.

There are three two audio channels on the headset:

  • Channel I – Hearing Impaired
  • Channel II – Interpreter's audio

The headsets also feature volume control.


Using the Headset as a Translator Headset

To utilize the infrared headset for translator services, the switch on the headset should be set to I. The interpreter speaks to their client using the dedicated microphone located on the left counsel table (Reno).

Contact the Courtroom Deputy for the exact location.

Translator Microphone

A dedicated microphone for interpreters is located on the left counsel table of each courtroom. A translator may speak to their client using this microphone.