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The Court provides speaking and sidebar microphones for use during court hearings.

Using the Microphones

Picture of Microphone


State your full name and speak directly into the microphone so the recording devices will pick up that channel for recording.

Muting the microphone

Each microphone has a mute "privacy" button. Press and hold the mute button. This will mute the microphone to all speakers and recording devices.

Note: The microphone mute button is touch-sensitive, meaning it responds to human touch. If the button is accidentally hit with a book or other inanimate object, it will not mute.

Judge’s Sidebar Microphone

Judge's sidebar microphoneThe Judge's sidebar microphone is located on the side of the Judge's bench. When a sidebar is needed, counsel should approach where this microphone is located.

Translator Microphone

A dedicated microphone for interpreters is located on the left counsel table of each courtroom. A translator may speak to their client using this microphone.