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Interactive Kiosk (Court Information)

There are five (5) Court Information kiosks located throughout the Foley Federal Building and two (2) located throughout the C. Clifton Young Federal Building. These kiosks provide the following information:

  • Court Calendars
    This feature provides a searchable hearing calendar for the current day. Users can select a judge (including Visiting Judges) and see a list of all court hearings for that judge. They can also search for specific court hearings by party name or case number on the Search tab. Case information such as the party name, hearing time and courtroom location is provided with a link to the courtroom map.
  • Maps & Directories
    This option provides a visual map of each floor showing courtroom locations, kiosk locations, building offices and public facilities. In addition, listed are phone numbers and address information for other government agencies located within and nearby this
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Find answers to frequently asked questions such as where to file courtesy copies, how to obtain certified copies of documents, etc. Courtroom map links are also available from this section (when applicable).
  • Weather
    Current weather for Las Vegas and Reno is displayed.
Interactive Court Kiosks